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Join Our Plumber Referral Program and Become a Patriot Restoration Plumbing Partner Today!

At Patriot Restoration, we do not work for insurance companies and let them control our business. We put the customer first to protect not only our reputation, but the reputation of our referral partner as well. 

Our Program Provides:

  • 24/7 Priority Response for Our Plumbing Partner
  • Same-Day Payments for Water Damage Referrals
  • Free Extraction & Drying for Plumbing Mishaps
  • Free Moisture Detection Training for Staff.

Priority Response: You see water damage on a weekly basis. And while you’re able to fix the source of the water damage, your clients commonly seek a complete solution. As part of our Plumbers Referral Program, your clients will receive priority inspections, 24 hours a day. We can guarantee same day response. We’re also happy to speak with your client before we arrive to answer any questions they may have over the phone. Most water damage is covered by homeowners insurance. We’ll help them navigate the claim process and advise them what not to say so they do not shoot themselves in the foot!

Free Mold Prevention Assessments: If you’re not sure if an area has water damage, you can refer the homeowner to our free mold prevention assessment. We’re happy to test the area with advanced equipment to determine if there is an underlying moisture issue, or just an assurance that there is no damage at all. Our customers are blown away that we do this for free! It builds brand loyalty for us and our referral partner.

Referral Fee: Once we have verified your referral, will set up a time and place to get you paid. We are happy to pay your referral fee with a check or Venmo,  but we can also pay you in cash if requested.

Plumbing Mishaps: In the rare case you or your staff create a water damage, your job will take priority. We’ll meet you on-site to extract and dry impacted areas. These things happen, and it’s best to have a partner in the business you can count on timely.

Education: We believe in education. As a Plumbing Partner, we’ll schedule a time to visit with you and your staff so your company can better identify hidden moisture damage. We’re happy to bring breakfast to your office or have an afternoon lunch meeting. 

At Patriot Restoration, we’ve spent years building and protecting our reputation. Just give us a search on google. That’s why we’re eager to partner with the best plumbing company in our area. We’re certain that choosing Patriot Restoration as your partner will elevate your business and enhance your client’s experience. Call us today at (865) 272-2350 to learn more!